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Economic consequences of governmental crisis
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«It seems that the Ukrainian economy has hit the bottom and we are witnessing a turning point in the trend», — investment banker Sergey Budkin
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Budkin’s Tandem
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FinPoint Advises Alpha Bank A.E. on Sale of Its Subsidiary JSC Astra Bank Ukraine to Delta Bank Group
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Top 10 M&A Deals from 2001 through April 29, 2011
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Banking Surgeon
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The Government Paid Off the Tax Debt With Papers
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The Rothschild Clan’s Vicar
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Staff Advisor
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The Rothschild’s Ukrainian Friend
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EBRD May Acquire 49% of “Infolink“
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Philosopher’s Stone
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The Ukrainian Experience
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Privy Advisor to Non-Residents
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“Volksbank International AG” (“VBI”) invests to Ukrainian “Electron Bank”
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How to Sell Control But Retain Influence
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Between Greed and Fear
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